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Robin Paul offers limited appointment availability on Tuesday afternoons & Wednesdays.  Robin can be contacted via email at  

Dr. John Nolan offers appointments on Wednesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.  Dr. Nolan can be contacted directly at 765-676-5310.
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Important Information 


All individual/couples/family counseling sessions are confidential with the following exceptions:

·         Licensed mental health professionals may break confidentiality in some circumstances. The most common includes when a client is a threat to himself/herself or others, in which case a therapist must notify the person in danger or notify someone who can keep the client safe.  

·         Licensed mental health professionals have a duty to protect vulnerable populations and must report any information they receive about abuse or neglect to a minor or other vulnerable population group. 


Length of appointment

·        Appointments are scheduled for one hour, but time spent in counseling is around fifty minutes (50) per session.  This allows the counselor documentation and administrative time related to the treatment session. 

Fees--co-pay of $30 

·        Valley of Hope counseling is a subsidized ministry of Valley Mills Christian Church.    Each session costs the individual or family $30 payable at the time of scheduling (average cost of a one-hour counseling session in Indiana is $100-$175).  At this time, we do not bill insurance companies. 



·       Counseling sessions are generally scheduled in advance.  If a client needs to cancel or reschedule a scheduled appointment, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is requested.  Sessions not cancelled with a 24-hour notice will be assessed the $30 session fee. 


Late Arrivals

·        Counseling sessions are time-limited, and often scheduled back-to-back.  Clients arriving late for their scheduled sessions will only be seen for the remaining time left in their allocated session period.  This policy protects the time of other clients as well. 



·       Counselors are unable to accept social media requests from clients or to communicate about case information via social media platforms.

Email is the preferred communication method regarding scheduling or rescheduling of appointments.  Please talk with your assigned counselor about the best method of communication between appointments. 



·       If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 1-800-273-8255 or 911.



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